Veterinary Dermatology Checkups In Birmingham, AL

From ear infections to itchy rashes, skin conditions and allergic reactions in your pet are more common than you may expect.  You can tell a lot about your pet’s overall health by the condition of their skin.  That’s why it’s so important to bring your pet in for a dermatology checkup if you notice any signs of irritation or irregularities.  When it comes to veterinary dermatology, the most important goal is to identify the cause of the problem.

Skin Issues With Your Pet

Depending on the skin issue, there can be a wide range of potential causes.  In some cases, the cause may be clear. A simple skin test can often reveal the presence of a fungal infection or parasites, such as lice, mites, or fleas.  Other cases, such as irritation caused by unknown allergies, may require a process of trial and error.

Allergies In Your Pets

Did you know that our pets can suffer from allergies just like we do? Our furry friends can be allergic to just as many things as we can. Pollen and other airborne allergens are the most common sources of allergies in pets. Some pets become allergic to non-seasonal allergens, such as mold or fungus. Animals can also develop allergies to certain ingredients in their food or grooming products.

Our pets can’t tell us when they feel itchy or unwell. Instead, we need to keep an eye out for the warning signs of allergies in our pets. Some of the most common symptoms of allergies in cats and dogs include:

  • Biting at skin and paws
  • Excessive scratching, especially
    around the ears
  • Ear infections (ears can be stinky or waxy inside)
  • Excessive licking
  • Swollen, pink skin
  • Unexplained bumps
  • Raw or bloody areas
  • Hair loss
  • Sores and infections

There are many affordable options for the treatment of allergies in your pet, including antihistamines, hypoallergenic shampoos, specialized diets, and topical treatments.  When you make an appointment with your vet so that they can identify the cause of an allergic reaction, they can prescribe the treatment best suited to your pet’s needs.

What to Expect at Double Oak Mountain Animal Hospital

At Double Oak Mountain Animal Hospital, our goal is to find the source of your pet’s discomfort and eliminate it or manage it as much as possible.  Our veterinarians conduct a variety of diagnostic tests to find the underlying causes of pet dermatology problems so that they can determine the best course of treatment.

If your cat, dog, or other furry companion has seasonal allergies, the best solution may be allergy-inhibiting medications during the worst pollen months. Year-round allergies may require a different, long-term approach, such as allergy shots. For more chronic skin conditions, such as those caused by immunodeficiencies, your dermatologist will work one-on-one with you to find an effective solution.

If you’ve recently noticed your dog itching, licking, biting, or scratching more than usual, you should consider getting them evaluated by a veterinary dermatologist right away. Call Double Oak Mountain Animal Hospital at (205) 991-5446 today to schedule an appointment.

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